“I’m ashamed to have to queue for food at the age of 79” – such was the food distribution in Debrecen

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On the penultimate Saturday of May, the Egy Morzsányi Love Association once again invited all those from Debrecen who were living in difficult circumstances.

According to the association, fifty hours before the start, there were at least fifty people waiting in line for food. The end of winter certainly causes an insurmountable task for many families with small children to put hot food on the table with little money on the last days of the month. There are times when they can’t even buy bread- read the announcement.

At the end of the distribution, organizers estimated that it would have facilitated the weekends for about 160 adults and children. Many also took some food home to a sick husband, wife, or family member. They had perhaps the most guests this year.

To the best of our ability, we tried to provide our guests with several types of food. There was paprika chicken, pickles, sweets, lots of pastries, bananas, apples and of course fresh bread. In the end, we were even able to give a rehearsal, so the families could go home with at least 2-3 days of food.

It is likely that high inflation has led to a complete change in the number of guests. It seems the events of recent months have shattered the existence of more people. Never before have so many small retirees queued for food, their numbers growing. It was shocking to hear an older lady burst out, “I’m ashamed to have to line up for food when I was 79”. Then he added with tears, never thinking that towards the end of his life he would not be able to support himself from his pension of just 100 thousand forints. “Chicken meat is also a luxury for me, I only eat meat then, thank you,” he said.

Another of our older guests, before he left, thanked us for the food and said sadly, “I am thankful to God that you are there. You wouldn’t believe it, but this way I can get my medication at least on Monday. ”

At least forty children of all sizes came to Morzaparti with their parents, we can’t imagine a sadder sight. We believe that it is the responsibility of all of us to have no hungry children in Hungary in the 21st century. However, this number is growing, and many children go to bed hungry on weekends if there is no free food distribution somewhere.

Maybe one day we will understand that there will be a state leader who will really take a stake and sit down with the poor and at least listen to them. It is sad that for most people on the fringes of society, hope is already lost, and they have no chance of a little better life.

Since it is Children’s Day next week, we have also tried to give gifts to the children who come with their parents. We handed out lots of books, and games and then drew lots of balls and bikes. The most beautiful gift for us is the mouths of babies, as no one went home empty-handed.

We sincerely thank you for the support of all those who contributed to the crumbly guests being able to go home packed richly.

The women of the association cooked the delicious main food; we thank Diti Bakery and Lipót Bakery for their regular help. We are grateful to Zsolt for the apple, Ms. Marika for the banana, Viki for the coconut balls, Aniko for the plush bunny, and Justin for the many plush toys and sweets. We got the balls from Erika, and we got the gas bottle and the bike from Tibor V. Thanks to the donation of the Association of Alternative Communities in Debrecen.

The team from Morzsaparti in Debrecen will next time invite people from difficult times living in Cívisváros. / Morzsaparti in June is lagging behind due to the busy schedule of the members of the association./

– reported Andrea Leipzig, the head of the association.

Requests from the association:

>> We are waiting for the application of restaurants and bakeries in Debrecen, who could be our partners in organizing Morzsapartit even more often in the city;

>> We are waiting for the Crumbs party with offers, food, DURABLE FOOD, fruit, potatoes, and cakes in unlimited quantities;

>> Computers. laptops are also welcome;

>> We also welcome volunteer helpers who feel they want to do something for the poor;

>> We also expect monetary donations. The account number of the association:

A Crumb Love Association; Erste Bank; Account number: 11600006-00000000-93568971

Email address: morzsapartydebrecen@gmail.com.


Andrea Leipzig

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