A 25-year-old man hit a security guard at a handball match in Debrecen

A report of a raging handball fan was received by police on March 9, 2022, at around 8 p.m. The heavily drunk young man tied up several security guards during the match, tried to pour beer on them, and then tried to hit them. Police said his friends tried to calm him down, but the young man, who had lost his temper, did not give up and hit one of the security guards with his fist.

Officers arrested the resident of Sajókaza on the spot, who was later interrogated as a suspect by investigators. The Criminal Department of the Debrecen Police Headquarters was investigating him for a well-founded suspicion of disorderly conduct at a sporting event.
The police took the necessary procedural steps and sent the resulting documents to the competent prosecutor’s office.


Picture: illustration.

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