The renovation of the outdated water network in the Debrecen Public Cemetery can reach HUF 100 million

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The water network of the Debrecen Public Cemetery is old, which was the reason why the deep pump supplying water to the cemetery’s wells failed on Mother’s Day, so there was no water in the cemetery for several days, the institution announced. The solution was reported.
During the investigation of the malfunction, it became clear that the pump at a depth of 110 meters and with it the entire machinery and the control system need to be replaced, which is why there has been no well water in the cemetery since the beginning of May.

In order to ensure that the cemetery visitors do not feel the lack of water in the already extreme drought, within 1 day, the piped water was released to the well network, so that the previous water consumption of approximately 100-200 m3 increased to 3500-4000 m3 per month, which is accompanied by a significantly increased cost.

The pressure of the water obtained with the help of the submersible pump can be regulated, but that of the piped water cannot be controlled, so the old water pipes can hardly withstand the higher pressure, which is why pipe breaks occur.

The reconstruction of the water network is already underway, in addition to the replacement of the submersible pump, it is necessary to replace the old lines on several 100-meter sections and to create a new track on several sections. The cost of this can reach up to HUF 100 million (approx. 256027.94euros). The problem is expected to be resolved by August 10.

The AKSD asks visitors to be patient during the repair of the water network. In the event of a broken pipe, it is possible to get water from the drinking fountain at gates 1 and 2. The employees of the cemetery are constantly watering the green areas of the cemetery from vehicles with water tanks, the workers are trying to do everything to ensure that this significant water supply problem has the least impact on the cemetery.

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