A pile of three hundred bales burned in Debrecen

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A pile of three hundred bales ignites in the garden of Gergely Mészáros in Debrecen, Wednesday afternoon. The professional firefighters in Debrecen surrounded the flames with three water jets and extinguished the fire, the county emergency department announced.

Fire chief lieutenant Nóra Papp-Kunkli also reported on other cases from the county and Debrecen:

Two cars collided on the outskirts of Biharkeresztes. Professional firefighters from Berettíóújfalu marched, who inspected the vehicles and de-energized them.

In Debrecen, on Hétvezér Street, a branch of a tree split off, endangering traffic, which is why the professional firefighters of Debrecen were called. The unit cut the branch with a chainsaw.

In the evening, a carbon monoxide detector gave signals in the bathroom of a second-floor apartment in Hatvani István Street in Debrecen. Professional firefighters from Debrecen carried out measurements, and a specialist from the gas supplier also arrived on the scene. The backflow of carbon monoxide was caused by the chimney of the gas appliance slipping apart.


Hajdú-Bihar County Disaster Management Directorate

Photo: Illustration

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