Jobbik to Submit Proposal on Banning Privatization of Public Water Utilities


Opposition Jobbik will soon submit a proposal on banning the privatisation of public water utilities, party deputy leader Róbert Dudás said on Wednesday.


Dudás told a press briefing streamed on Facebook that the government had told local authorities to hand over their public water utility assets free of charge by the end of September. Dudás accused the government of “systematically hobbling the operation of public water utility providers over the past decade”, forcing them to accumulate multi-billion-forint debts. Also, the government has not undertaken to retain employees of the companies or to refrain from selling the assets, Dudás said. The government should leave water management in the hands of local authorities, he said. Noting that the government has already privatised the management of motorways and outsourced the operation of public schools, Dudás said the “situation now is even more severe; water is essential for every Hungarian.”

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