Hétszínvirág Kindergarten in Debrecen is being renewed

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Energy renovation has begun at the Hétszínvirág Kindergarten in Debrecen. Mayor László Papp, parliamentarian László Pósán, and municipal representative András Varga reported on the details of the development at a press conference on October 5, 2022.

If there is a period when it is of great importance to carry out an energy efficiency renovation, then this is the period. In this regard, it is a pleasure that we were able to generate the necessary resources for the renovation of the Hétszínvirág Kindergarten – said László Papp. He pointed out that the city has been renovating its various institutions, nurseries, kindergartens, and schools for years. The building to be renovated is an institution of the city built in 1986, which has not undergone a major renovation since its construction.

The city manager said that Nyírépszer Hungária Építőipari, Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft. won the opportunity for the renovation, and the amount of the subsidy is HUF 542 million. The handover of the workspace took place on September 12, and the contractor has 12 months to complete the work. – It is an outdated energetic institutional unit, so it is of great importance that the 200-bed, 8-group kindergarten be renovated – he pointed out. Speaking about the works, he emphasized that the external boundary structures will be modernized, as well as the thermal insulation of the facade walls and roof, but the doors and windows will also be completely replaced, and the energy-efficient operation of the institution will be assisted by an air-water heat pump system. In addition, the building’s outdoor and indoor lighting system will be modernized, and project-proportionate accessibility is also part of the program.
– After the renovation, the city will have a much more comfortable, more energy-efficient, and cheaper-to-operate kindergarten. In recent years, we have spent nearly HUF 6 billion on the renovation of the city’s nurseries and kindergartens, taking into account energy-efficient aspects, and we want to continue this process in the coming years. The renovation of the city’s institutional system from the point of view of energy efficiency will also be a key aspect when using the resources of TOP+, he underlined.

Parliament member László Pósán emphasized that the city of Debrecen has systematically modernized its various public institutions in recent years. – In the current, not at all encouraging times, we see the results and benefits of this. This renovation is another step in the direction of spending as little as possible on costs that appear as overhead costs, he said. He added that such a modernization could result in efficiency improvements and savings of up to 50 percent.

András Varga, the municipal representative of the district, said that today’s investment also shows that the city takes the living environment of Tócóskert residents seriously. “Not only did we launch the Green City Program and we didn’t just create a community garden, but we are also trying to renew our institutions as quickly as we can,” he added.


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