The Lufthansa flight to Munich was unable to land because of the snowstorm in Debrecen

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On February 3, at 4:20 p.m., the Lufthansa flight from Munich to Debrecen was 50 meters from the ground and almost landed, when due to a snowstorm and 80 km/h wind gusts, the pilot instead picked up the plane – reported the former Blikk journalist, who traveled on the plane.

According to György Weisz, after the second unsuccessful landing attempt, the pilot decided to try to land in Budapest, but they did not agree to land there either, because there would not have been enough fuel to return. Finally, the plane returned to Munich and landed again at the airport of the Bavarian provincial capital at 6 p.m.

The plane was unable to land at Debrecen International Airport due to poor visibility and a strong tailwind, so it turned back to Germany. The tickets of the passengers waiting in Debrecen were automatically rebooked for the Monday flight. However, for those for whom the trip was necessary, with the help of our colleagues working in the passenger management department, they were able to change their booking, so they can travel to Munich from Budapest as early as tomorrow

– Krisztina Nagy, the airport’s press officer, told the newspaper.

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