The Dorkász Foundation in Debrecen has been helping refugees from Ukraine for a year

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At the reception center of the Dorkász Service Foundation, they are currently taking care of 200 people in trouble, and since the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian war, they have helped a total of 2,500 people, it was revealed at the press conference held at the Dorkász reception center.

On the occasion of the anniversary, they reported on the work so far in the presence of the cooperating partners. At the event, the victims of the war were remembered with a minute of silence.

Diána Széles, deputy mayor of Debrecen, spoke about how the whole of Debrecen came together as a result of the wave of refugees, and the city takes care of those who are here. Then, as can be expected from a Fidesz politician, he emphasized the Hungarian government’s “pro-peace” attitude, also mentioning the Brussels sanctions. The deputy mayor thanked the international organizations for standing by the city and helping to provide for the refugees.

Csaba Papp, head of the Debrecen Primary Care and Health Development Institute, said that the refugees are also entitled to the care and health programs that the Debrecen Primary Care and Health Development Institute also provides to the locals.

In addition, we need extra love, reassurance, dealing with the soul, and preparation for life, for tomorrow, for them to forget the trauma that happened and to be able to provide them with a worthy tomorrow

– added the head of the institution.

According to Ábel Lukács Kiss, the director of the Dorkász Szolgálat Foundation, the goal here will be your own property. The families will sign a three- to five-year contract, and many elements will help their integration in the surrounding settlements

Balázs Lehel, the director of Terre des Hommes Foundation, an international organization dealing with child protection and children’s rights, said that they can work well together with Dorkás, and they quickly found common ground. He hopes for a future continuation.

From the very beginning, Dorkász was able to provide basic care to refugees, and we helped them with this work. This meant, on the one hand, various skill development for Dorkász’s employees, and on the other hand, skill and ability development for the people who found shelter here. In addition, he reported financial assistance, but also other kinds of donations. Overall, we can say that we have achieved our goal

– Balázs Lehel said.

Dorkász refugees Debrecen

On behalf of UNICEF, Martina Tomic Latinac congratulated Dorkás for the help she had provided over the past year. He expresses his joy at the fact that cooperation covering several sectors have been realized in Debrecen. As explained,

more than 600 children were provided with education, and more than 300 children received educational equipment. More than 200 people received secure accommodation.

Ernő Simon was present at the briefing on behalf of the UNHCR (UN High Commissioner for Refugees). He explained that they contributed to Dorkász’s activities with five mobile homes and collected billions of HUF in support from organizations.

Scott Engelsman, representing the American Reformed Church, helps refugees arriving in Debrecen. They have been present in Debrecen for 15 years, they came to the city at the invitation of Bishop Károly Fekete. He emphasized that complexity is prioritized in assistance, and the unity of soul, body, and mind is taken into account.
Photo: DMJV municipality

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