The Debrecen Swimming Complex is open again according to the usual opening hours

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After five months, the Debrecen Sportuszoda awaits athletes and water lovers in full operation again, the institution announced on its website.

In the last two years, two serious, unforeseen problems caused problems not only in Debrecen but also in the world’s economy, which left a significant mark. The epidemic and then the war rewrote all budgets. That is why Debrecen was also forced to tighten its belts, but only so that the usual life does not change much, and people can live their everyday lives.

With these words, mayor László Papp reopened the sports facility, which also hosts international competitions, in front of the press.

He said that the energy savings achieved with the limited opening hours were significant in recent months. Thirty percent of the heat supply can be replaced in the future with the waste heat of the supercomputer center that was recently handed over next to the swimming pool.

From now on, the swimming pool also functions as a life-saving point. Dr. Ferenc Korcsmáros, the Regional Director of the National Ambulance Service, mentioned that there are 18 such assistance places in our country, eight of which are in Debrecen. In addition to the pools, a semi-automatic defibrillator is now also available, and the ambulances will arrive at the scene in seconds if they are alerted by phone.

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