Sensirion’s factory in Debrecen will be involved in semiconductor production

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After the final assembly and testing of the digital microsensors, the last step of the chip production will be transferred from Sensirion’s Swiss parent company to its factory in Debrecen, thus the plant will be involved in semiconductor production – the managing director of Sensirion Hungary Kft. announced.

László Ábrahám said that a technology unique in Europe is being installed in Debrecen, for which they need to train specialists. The necessary expertise for steps based on unique technology in the high-tech industry, the so-called wafer back-end process, is scarcely available in Hungary.

Brigitta Szabó, the factory’s first female process engineer, explained in detail the new technology that will be continuously introduced in Debrecen starting this year.

He said: Sensirion Hungary’s product range produces extremely high added value, its sensors are used in a wide range of areas from healthcare to the automotive industry.

With the new technology of the wafer back-end, the last step of sensor production will be brought to Debrecen, with which single-use flow meters for ventilators, automotive sensors for measuring humidity and temperature, and products for the American market that can detect explosive gases in air conditioners will be produced – explained the specialist.

László Ábrahám added: production at the subsidiary in Debrecen started in 2021, and their sales revenue last year already reached HUF 1.6 billion.

Debrecen is Sensirion’s most dynamically developing plant, which is clearly indicated by the fact that last year’s sales revenue was already exceeded in the first quarter of this year, and 18 percent of the company group’s total sales revenue is already generated in Debrecen – explained the director.

László Ábrahám also said that with the automatic production lines set up at the end of last year, they can produce twenty thousand sensors in one day, and their sales this year could reach ten billion forints.

He announced: the construction of the new production hall will begin this year, which will double the area of the plant, which currently employs almost a hundred employees, and will further increase the number of employees.

Sensirion and the International School of Debrecen have signed a cooperation agreement

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