The most modern endourological procedures at the University of Debrecen

The most modern endourological procedures at the University of Debrecen


The participants of the 2nd Debrecen Endourology Days, which started on Thursday, can see live operations performed by domestic and foreign specialists. The two-day master course for urologists was organized by the Urology Clinic of the University of Debrecen Clinical Center, where the most modern endourological procedures have been successfully used for years, wrties

At the opening of the event, Zoltán Szabó, the president of the Clinical Center, reminded that as a result of the integration, in December 2022, a Urology Clinic operating at two sites was established under unified management and according to unified professional principles, which ensures the highest progressive level of patient care in the region.

The Urology Clinic is a center with a diverse professional portfolio, one of the most important activities of which is endourology. Professor Tibor Flaskó, the current director, who further developed the work of his predecessors, has a significant role in the institution’s excellent results in this field and in the introduction of the most modern techniques. Today’s event also provides an opportunity to present the professional results of the clinic, thereby strengthening the good reputation of the University of Debrecen and the Clinical Center

– emphasized the professor.

During the two-day master’s program, László Mátyus, dean of the Faculty of General Medicine, emphasized in his welcome speech that the faculty considers the unity of graduate and postgraduate training and lifelong learning and self-training to be of utmost importance, for which they are also trying to create the infrastructure conditions.

The classroom that hosts the Debrecen Endourology Days was renovated four years ago, so direct contact with the operating theater and live broadcasting of operations can now be realized. Thanks to this special opportunity, the room can be an excellent location for professional training. Along with this, we modernized a total of nine classrooms for almost two billion forints

– emphasized László Mátyus.

Endourology refers to urological interventions where the operation is not carried out with open, traditional surgical operations, but through small openings or natural body openings, such as the urethra, to reach the prostate, bladder, or kidney, and perform the operations through this. Endourology includes lower and upper urinary tract endoscopy, as well as laparoscopic surgeries.

In recent years, technology has undergone tremendous development, all of which is in the interest of patients. Endoscopic and laparoscopic operations are just as effective as open operations, but here there is no incision, there is less pain after the operation, the hospital stay is shorter, and the recovery is faster. We use the most modern techniques at the clinic, which is made possible by the fact that our specialists have the appropriate knowledge that they have acquired, developed and passed on to the clinic’s staff abroad

– said Tibor Flaskó, director of the Urology Clinic of the UD Clinical Center.

During the two-day course, urologists can learn about the most modern procedures. The participants can follow the surgeries live while sitting in the classroom. In addition to domestic specialists, the interventions are performed by foreign specialists – Oriol Angerri, Tevita Aho, Vincent De Coninck, Ioannis Kartalas Goumas, Marek Zawadzki – who, thanks to the live broadcast, can be continuously asked by the participants during the operation.
The surgical technique introduced by Zoltán Kiss at the institution will also be presented at the master’s course.

In the case of benign prostate enlargement, above a certain prostate size, only open intervention could be used. This technique, on the other hand, allows for endoscopic removal, thus replacing open prostate surgery

– informed Zoltán Kiss, a specialist at the Urology Clinic and organizer of the master course.

The Debrecen Endourology Days were organized for the second time by the Urology Clinic of the University of Debrecen Clinical Center, with the participation of more than a hundred specialists.

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