A young footballer from Balmazújváros passed away

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Zsolt Bánhegyi from Balmazújváros was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma (bone tumor) a year ago. Unfortunately, the organization of the young football player fell short in the fight, writers debreceninap.hu.

It all started exactly 52 weeks ago. My younger brother, who is now 19 years old, graduated from his high school at this time a year ago, and was ready to be deployed as a substitute goalkeeper for NB II Szolnok at the weekend. He did everything to become a professional footballer. He also prepared for the weekend matches in Balmazújváros, Mezőköves and Szolnok humbly, dedicatedly and subordinating everything to football. However, 52 weeks ago, everything changed! A sports injury thought to be a muscle injury changed Zsolt Bánhegyi’s life. Ewing’s sarcoma was diagnosed. The fact that he missed his graduation in 2022 and that he stopped playing football dwarfs the daily struggle

– read Zoltán Bánhegyi, the boy’s brother’s Facebook post.

Zsolt received chemotherapy treatment for six months, and at the end of the first three months, positive changes occurred: the tumor shrunk, and the metastasis decreased. Further improvement was expected at the end of the following treatments, but the second shock came before Christmas. The tumor grew, and the metastasis grew. The continuous fever came, and an even more difficult period.

As a result of the drug treatment, the young man’s well-being improved, and they were confident that the results would also improve in parallel. But before Easter, another shock hit the family: the tumor and metastasis continued to grow. According to the protocol, the combined treatment would have followed, but Zsolt no longer accepted this, and after 10 chemotherapy treatments, he abandoned the treatment at his own risk.

The family still trusted in an experimental drug, which would not have been easy to obtain. The money was collected from the offerings, but unfortunately, it was too late.

He fell asleep in peace, in silence

Zoltán Bánhegyi announced the sad news about his younger brother on May 30.

Photo: Szolnoki MÁV FC

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