Coronavirus: wastewater has been examined, this is where Debrecen stands


In most municipalities, the concentration of coronavirus hereditary material in wastewater continues to stagnate or slightly decrease, an increasing trend was observed only in Szolnok, the National Public Health Center (NNK) said, based on week 50 data.

According to the information published on the NNK website, the concentration of hereditary substances is higher than average in Eger, Szolnok and Szombathely.

However, the concentration is decreasing in Békéscsaba, Debrecen and Szeged. This value fell again to a low level in Debrecen and Szeged

– they explained.

Wastewater testing has been reported to provide information on all those who discharge the pathogen’s hereditary material, including the number of asymptomatic infections in addition to those showing symptoms.

“The results continue to show a positive trend, but in order to maintain this, it’s important to adhere to preventive measures, especially during the Christmas period,” they wrote.

The NNK called for only people who consider themselves healthy and without symptoms to go to work and go out in the community, especially with regard to workers in health, social and educational institutions.

“Anyone with symptoms shouldn’t go out in the community, stay at home and notify their family doctor over the phone.”

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