President, Infectologist Urge Vaccination in Podcast


János Szlávik, a senior infectologist of the South-Pest Centrum Hospital, has urged residents to volunteer for vaccination against coronavirus as early as possible.

Speaking on President János Áder’s “Blue Planet” podcast, Szlávik said that any vaccine licenced in Hungary was “good”, adding that “these vaccines rarely have serious side effects”. Possible side effects such as muscle pain or headache were the same as with any other vaccine, he added. A vaccine with 80% efficacy will “halt the epidemic and prevent people from dying” just the same as another at 95%, he insisted.

Áder noted in his podcast that Hungary was waiting for larger vaccine deliveries and that currently “there is no choice given between products”. He said it was up to the individual to decide whether to “wait, even until the summer, for a western vaccine or have a less modern Chinese within a few days.”

Szlávik said in response that “the good decision is to get inoculated as soon as possible” so that “life can return to the old routine.”
Áder said he was “for the vaccine” and noted that he and his wife had registered for the jab in December. While only 15% of the population indicated readiness to get inoculated a few weeks ago, that ratio has increased to 34%, he added. The president warned it was “dangerous” that Hungary “seems to have turned into a country of 10 million virologists”.

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