Measures of the last 24 hours in Hajdú-Bihar


On Monday dawn, a fire broke out on the roof structure of an uninhabited family house in Kinizsi Street, Debrecen. The professional firefighters in Debrecen extinguished the fire with two jets of water.

Soot burned in the chimney of a house in Rákóczi Ferenc Street in Kokadon. The professional firefighters of the municipality of Leszavértes and Debrecen removed the deposit through the cleaning opening, so the fire did not spread further.

In the early afternoon, the tiles fell from the bridge of a fence in Nyíl Street, Debrecen. It endangered pedestrian traffic, so the professional firefighters in Debrecen removed the tiles through a plug ladder.

In the afternoon, two cars collided on Mikepércsi út in Debrecen. The county’s professional firefighters intervened at the scene.

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