Tokyo 2020 – The sword Olympic qualifying world cup will take place in Budapest


According to the decision of the International Fencing Federation (FIE), the Olympic qualifying World Cup of Swordsmen will be held in Budapest.

According to the website of the Hungarian association, the match will take place between March 10 and 14.

The Hungarian men’s swordsmen have already secured their participation in the Olympics postponed to this year, but the fate of the Hungarians will be decided permanently in the women’s competition in Budapest.

They added on the other weapon, which is extremely important for Hungary from the point of view of further Olympic qualification, is the male duelist, in which the decisive SME team competition will be held in the second half of March in Kazan, Russia.

The FIE has announced that there will be no official international competitions until March, while the organization has also decided that due to the different circumstances across the continent and the still unsatisfactory epidemic, there will be no age zone competitions this season, so there will be no cadet and junior Europe in the season championship.




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