Spring-like, but cloudy and windy weather is expected this weekend


Cloudy, windy, but still spring-like weather is expected over the weekend. The mornings will be mild, and 13-19 degrees Celsius can be expected during the hottest hours during the day, but the temperature will drop slightly by Sunday. From Saturday, it is necessary to prepare for rain in several areas – it is clear from the forecast of HungaroMet Nonprofit Zrt.

Mostly cloudy weather is expected on Friday, but the clouds may thin out temporarily and the sun may shine. Light rain may occur in places, mainly in the northeastern regions. The southwest wind is accompanied by strong gusts in several places, sometimes stormy in Transdanubia. The highest daytime temperature usually varies between 13-19 degrees, but values below 10 degrees can also occur on the northeastern border.

During the day on Saturday, the sky may be moderately or heavily cloudy with shorter or longer periods of daylight, and then it will become overcast from the south in the afternoon. Until the afternoon, light rain can only occur in the northeastern counties, but from the evening onwards, it will rain more and more. The southerly wind strengthens mainly, but not exclusively, in Transdanubia. The lowest night temperature will be 6-12 degrees, the highest daytime temperature is 13-19 degrees.

On Sunday, the sky will be overcast for the most part, but there may be breaks only near the southeastern border. It may rain in many places on Sunday morning and throughout the day, there will also be showers east of the Danube, but precipitation is likely in fewer places in the Tiszántúl region. The south and south-easterly winds will strengthen in the south-eastern parts of the Great Plain. During the day, the wind turns to the northwest in the Transdanubia. The lowest night temperature is likely to be 6-12 degrees, the highest daytime temperature will be 9-14 degrees, but it will be several degrees warmer in the southeastern parts of the Great Plain.


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