The weather went crazy: it snowed in Hungary


The precipitation zone of the cold front reached the North Central Mountains in the morning hours, the state of the precipitation changed from rain to sleet, and then to pure snow, HungaroMet Zrt. wrote on its Facebook page on Tuesday.

They added that on Monday, 30 degrees Celsius were measured in the Alföld, and on Tuesday there was sleet and even snow in Kékestető.

As it was written, the cold front precipitation zone reached the Northern Central Mountains on Tuesday morning, and with the help of the cooling effect of the precipitation – a temperature drop of 2 degrees was experienced on Kékestetto in just two hours – the state of the precipitation on our highest mountain peak changed from rain to sleet, and even temporarily to pure snow. It was also reported that stormy winds accompany the precipitation.

According to HungaroMet’s forecast, on Tuesday, the cloudiness and precipitation zone of the front will slowly move towards the northeast, here even in the afternoon, overcast and rainy landscapes should be expected. Behind the front, the clouds are gathering and the sun is shining. In the afternoon, the formation of cumulus clouds will become stronger in the southwestern part of the country, and showers and thunderstorms may develop in more and more places. Strong, stormy gusts may accompany the typically westerly wind over a large area except for the southwestern parts, and the air movement will moderate only in the evening. Storm surges may also occur in the vicinity of a thunderstorm.


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