Serious workplace accident in Berettyóújfalu: the prosecutor’s office brought charges


The Berettyóújfalu District Prosecutor’s Office brought charges against two defendants for the offense of reckless endangerment committed in the course of their occupation, as a man was seriously injured on a construction site as a result of their negligence.

As an employee of the construction company, the older defendant was a construction manager on a construction site in Berettyóújfalu. The younger accused is the managing director of one of the subcontractors, who performed insulation work on the construction site with the employees employed by him.

According to the construction-contractor agreement between the two companies, both defendants were obliged to provide occupational safety education, monitor occupational safety, and provide the necessary individual and collective protective equipment and protective devices, and continuously monitor their use.

The managing director of the subcontracting company, together with 4 employees of the younger defendant, appeared at the construction site at around 8 a.m. on December 27, 2019, where the older construction manager defendant showed them the place of work. The workers started the insulation work on the slab of one of the service buildings in the construction area without occupational safety training. The slab level was nearly 3.5 meters high, around which no fall protection system was installed, and the 6 large openings on the slab were not covered with a protective net or grid.

The defendant and his employees started work without any protective equipment or helmets on. At the start of the work, the younger defendant gave a short briefing to the 4 employees and then left the scene.

During the work, the victim fell through an uncovered opening in the slab onto the concrete foundation of the building. As a result of the accident, the man suffered a fractured vertebra, a contusion of the lung, and a laceration to the nape of the neck, of which the contusion of the lung and the fractured vertebra are serious injuries that take more than 8 days to heal. As a result of multiple violations of occupational health and safety regulations by the defendants, the subcontractor, and the construction manager, one man was seriously injured, while the bodily integrity of the other three workers was exposed to immediate danger.

The Berettyóújfalu District Prosecutor’s Office filed charges against the defendants at the Berettyóújfalu District Court for the offense of reckless endangerment committed in the context of 1-1 occupations. In the indictment for issuing a criminal sentence, the district prosecutor’s office proposed that the district court impose a fine on both defendants.

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