Woman from Tiszakarád dies of injuries caused by rodents


The District Prosecutor’s Office of Sátoraljaújhely brought charges against a 69-year-old man for the crime of failure to render aid causing death, because he did not call for help to his 68-year-old wife, who was unable to walk, despite her serious injuries, and this led to her death, the Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Prosecutor’s Office informed.

According to the announcement, the accused lived in a neglected apartment building in Tiszakarád with his wife, who had not left the apartment since the beginning of February last year and was constantly in the kitchen, lying in two armchairs pushed together.

The accused noticed that his wife, whose left leg and ankle had been seriously injured by rodents, could no longer get up. He mentioned that he was calling an ambulance, but the victim refused to do so, so the defendant was satisfied with his wife’s treatment by pouring brandy on the injuries and wrapping them in a plastic bag.

The neighbors repeatedly inquired about the woman’s condition and called for a doctor to be notified, but the accused always claimed that his wife was sleeping. In mid-February last year, the neighbors made a report to the emergency call center. The arriving ambulance transported the victim to the hospital, her left leg had to be amputated, and she died in the hospital due to her condition.

The victim also suffered from frostbite in the unheated apartment, in addition to extensive skin inflammation and bedsores. The accused should have realized that the injuries required medical care, professional medical help could have prevented the fatal outcome, they wrote.

The accused is directly responsible for the death of his wife because he did not ask for the help of a health worker. The prosecutor’s office proposed a suspended prison sentence against the accused with no criminal record, without a trial, the general prosecutor’s office announced.

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