International conference at the University of Debrecen: Education in the family – family in education


The role of the family in education and its effects on each other were analyzed at the international conference organized for the third time by the Faculty of Child Education and Special Education of the University of Debrecen at the II. Together with the Pope János Pál University, writes
More than thirty professionals from three countries took part in the conference entitled Education in the Family – Family in Education. At Tuesday’s event, Erzsébet Gortka-Rákó, dean of the Hajdúböszörmény faculty, and Grzegorz Godawa, professor at the University of Krakow, welcomed the Polish, Croatian and Hungarian experts. Then István Sőrés, Deputy Mayor of Hajdúböszörmény, presented the local educational institutions and the socio-economic characteristics of the children studying there.

In the framework of the plenary lectures, the relationship between educational institutions and parents came into focus. Monika Pyrczak Piega, the lecturer at the University of Krakow, presented the possibilities of cooperation with students with disabilities and their parents at II. Illustrated with the practical elements of the service operating at Pope János Pál University.

In their presentation, the lecturers of the University of Debrecen reviewed the various factors of the cooperation between parents and the school and the partnership that can be formed with parents. Katinka Bacskai, Gabriella Pusztai, Tímea Ceglédi and Zsófia Kocsis approached the topic based on the analysis of interviews recorded in the research coordinated by the MTA-DE-CSAládok és TánárOK Research Group.

After the plenary lectures, the conference continued in four sections, where Ph.D. students presented their current research results on the topic of family education. In the following sections, the social connections of early childhood education, special pedagogy, and education were explored.

The organizers of the conference agreed at the event that the University of Zadar will also join the Polish-Hungarian cooperation so in May of next year the IV. Education in the Family – International conference Family in Education is planned to be held in Zadar.

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