The Debrecen robber who threw salt in the face of his victim can be jailed for seven years


The Debrecen District Prosecutor’s Office accuses the man who took his fellow passenger’s valuables after getting off a bus with the crime of robbery.

A robber threw salt in the face of his victim in Debrecen

According to the indictment, on the morning of June 9, 2023, the victim was waiting at a bus stop in Debrecen. In the meantime, the perpetrator approached him and asked for a cigarette, which he did not comply with, and then they both boarded the bus. The offender sat down next to the victim, talked to him during the trip, then called on the man to hand over his mobile phone, then asked him for money and threatened him with death. The man stood up and loudly asked the accused to leave him alone, but the offender hit him several times and threatened him again.

When the man got off the bus, the accused went after him, and when he caught up with him, he pulled the backpack off his shoulder with such force that the victim fell. When he got up from the ground, he tried to get his bag back, but the offender ran away, so he went after his. The attacker stopped in front of a house and threw the victim’s backpack with the valuables and documents in it into the yard. When the man caught up with the accused, he tried to take the mobile phone from the victim’s shirt pocket, which the victim did not leave, so they started fighting and both fell to the ground. After they stood up, the perpetrator took a bottle of salt from his clothes and sprinkled salt into the man’s eyes, then hit him three times on the head with the bottle.

The victim suffered injuries that healed within eight days, but taking into account the injured body parts and the manner of the crime, the man’s intention was to cause more serious injuries that would heal beyond eight days.

The perpetrator caused 30,000 forint damage to the man by damaging his mobile phone, and almost 60,000 forint damage to the man by stealing his valuables, from which the theft damage was recovered because the Debrecen police confiscated and returned his valuables.

The Debrecen District Prosecutor’s Office accuses the man under arrest, who confessed to his crime, with the crime of robbery, attempted grievous bodily harm and the misdemeanor of misusing a public document. In its indictment, the District Prosecutor’s Office proposed the imposition of a 7-year prison sentence and a 7-year ban from public affairs if the legal conditions are met, and that the Debrecen District Court confiscate the salt shaker used in the crime.

The security camera of the bus shows the two men about to get off, and the police footage shows the damaged mobile phone.


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