The new Loki coat of arms has been introduced, it will be a unified brand


DVSC held a press conference on the development of the unified DVSC brand at the Nagyerdei Stadium on Tuesday. According to the information of the club, Péter Szabó, the chairman of the board of DVSC Futball Zrt. Péter Szabó stated that

a modern, efficient club is being built.

So far, among other things, the back office division of football and handball has been unified, and now we have reached the next step, to create a unified brand.

The goal was to create a unified DVSC brand based on the traditions and identity of the DVSC, taking into account its past. – It is very important to be constantly renewed and to keep up with the challenges of the age, and to build a competitive brand and club that can appear as a serious market player and a serious professional club in both the sports and economic markets.

– stated Zsolt Ábrók, managing director.

It was even a very important goal, drawing on the experience of recent years, for Debrecen to appear in the brand, clarifying what the four letters of DVSC might not have been able to show abroad. The club wants to clearly position the DVSC for the future.

This is how it turned out:

Gergely Kádár presented the new brand on behalf of the Nagoo company that made the coat of arms. The coat of arms presented as part of a process between the Football and Handball Academy. In other words, the unification of the brands of the two academies began with this.

In the case of the two adult teams, the triangle remains in football, while the circular coat of arms remains in handball.

In the future, fans will be able to meet the presented symbols in many places and forms. Such a prominent symbol is the impeller, with which we would like to introduce ourselves as a stand-alone LOKI brand, as will be seen on merchandising products, such stand-alone symbol is the stadium motif, the Loki impeller 1902 and the DVSC impeller 1902.

Simultaneously with the press conference, our unified social media interfaces (unified interfaces of academies, Facebook, Instagram) were launched, the EZ Debrecen handball academy program will be a joint academic program (football and handball at the same time), while Only the Loki adult football and handball magazine will be with new symbols starting in July.


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