A spectacular sporting event will be held at the Courtyard of the University of Debrecen


Hundreds take part in the individual and team rapid chess championships organized in the Main Building of the University of Debrecen.
The University of Debrecen hosted the rapid tournament of chess players on the second weekend of July, organized by DEAC Nonprofit Közhasznú Kft., The Hungarian Chess Association and the Chess School Association of Debrecen.

The main patron of the event, Zoltán Bács, the chancellor of the University of Debrecen, said at the opening that the education of the youth will soon be given more emphasis in the chess department of DEAC.

There is a tradition of chess in the sports club of the University of Debrecen, but so far there are not enough wide-ranging competition opportunities, and the training of young people also needs to be improved. The university is an intellectual workshop whose profile fits chess perfectly, plus a lot of kids love it, families travel across countries for one-on-one competition. We wanted to create decent conditions for them

The Chancellor emphasized.

Professor Emeritus János Nagy played chess in the DEAC team in the late sixties, according to him, the sport requires not only mental but also physical endurance.

Young people were able to have memorable experiences at the most beautiful university and courtyard in Central Europe. Not everyone can win, but the point is that chess can develop in thinking and resilience and enable children to become excellent strategists in life.

He said at the opening.

The three-day tournament will also feature individual fights and team competitions, with a total of 240 young people sitting at the chessboards in twelve age groups.



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