The Clinic of Neurology is celebrating its centenary


The Clinic of Mental and Neuropathology of the Royal Hungarian Tisza István University of Debrecen, the predecessor of the Department of Neurology of the Clinical Center of the University of Debrecen, started operating in 1921. At the festive meeting held on the occasion of the centenary, the most important events of the 100 years were recalled and the most important leaders and doctors of the institution were commemorated. On the occasion of his birthday, the former director of the clinic, Professor László Csiba, was also greeted at the event.

A glorious 100 years are the past of the Clinic and Department of Neurology of the University of Debrecen. The role of neurologists and neurology in Debrecen has always been significant not only in healing but also in medical training,

– emphasized László Mátyus, dean of the Faculty of General Medicine, at a ceremony held on the occasion of the centenary.

The clinic primarily provides neurological care to the population of Debrecen but also receives patients from all over North-Eastern Hungary who require special care. The institution also provides emergency care for acute stroke patients within a 90-kilometer radius of Debrecen. Outpatients are admitted to the general neurological outpatient clinic and to specialized specialties such as sleep disorders, cerebrovascular / stroke (cerebrovascular disease), epilepsy, neuroimmunological, neuromuscular, Parkinson’s, and headache.

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