The University of Debrecen and Teva are developing their wide-ranging partnership


The University of Debrecen and Teva Pharmaceuticals Ltd. will further develop their wide-ranging partnership. The company will contribute an additional one and a half million forints to the institution’s infrastructural investments and equipment expansions, thus strengthening the decades-long cooperation between the university and the company.

The relationship between the University of Debrecen and Teva Pharmaceuticals Ltd. has a long history: the Outsourced Department of Pharmaceutical Industry was established 15 years ago and in 2011 the Outsourced Department of Industrial Pharmaceutical Production. In recent years, more than a thousand students have completed their compulsory summer internship at the company, participated in professional training, and have written their dissertations under the supervision of Teva experts. Today, several former students work for the company.

Teva Pharmaceuticals has always been a committed supporter of education, as the key to its success lies in professionals. We need the talents and future employees who will come to us in connection with the cooperation with the University of Debrecen and who we can help to get the best possible training

– emphasized Gary Baker, the raw material production director of Teva Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

“The two outsourced departments are fruitful for both parties,”

– the company’s HR director added. Judit Váradi emphasized that students can get an internship in a large company environment, they can get rid of professional tricks from excellent professionals, so they can enter the labor market more prepared and equipped with practical knowledge. The pharmaceutical company has so far spent a total of more than HUF 80 million on the operation of the outsourced departments. This amount of support has now increased further, another HUF 1.5 million support will be provided. The University of Debrecen uses this amount for infrastructure investment and equipment expansion.

Teva is also supporting the soon-to-be-launched biotechnology undergraduate course at the university’s Faculty of Science and Technology and the launch of a planned new biotechnology assistant in higher education.

Teva employees were also involved in the development of the training program. The faculty strives to continuously renew its training, and in this, we strive to rely on our industry partners. Our goal is to provide our students with usable knowledge and a competitive degree. We want to give you the knowledge that future employers need most. That is why we have built a close relationship with the large companies in the region in recent decades, and a very important element of this network is the Teva Pharmaceutical Factory,

– explained Ferenc Kun, Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology.

It is planned that several of the students in the training will complete their compulsory industrial internship in the field of active ingredient manufacturing, and Teva is also counting on the graduates as future employees.

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