The University of Debrecen set a record for supplementary admissions


The University of Debrecen has achieved the best result in the supplementary admissions in recent years. More than a thousand students were admitted to the institution during the procedure, and in total more than eleven thousand freshmen can start their studies in the new academic year starting in September 2023.

The supplementary admission point limits for higher education were announced on Monday afternoon. During the 2023 procedure, a total of 1,720 applied to the University of Debrecen, of which 1,039 were accepted. DE accepted 410 applicants for state scholarship training and 629 applicants for self-funded training. This year’s number significantly exceeds the results of the previous years, as for the first time in the last ten years it was possible to hire more than a thousand employees, in addition, the institution almost doubled last year’s number (573).

Elek Bartha, vice chancellor of education at the University of Debrecen, said:

every year, UD performs well in supplementary admissions, but this year’s result is outstanding in every respect.

The application data also showed that we can expect a serious increase. In particular, we have achieved a significant increase compared to the previous experience of additional admissions, the number of admissions almost doubled this year. This exceptional progress can also be felt in some faculties, and it is also gratifying that, compared to before, more applicants were enrolled in our state scholarship programs. All of this is partly a national trend, but the increase in the number of applicants showed that the University of Debrecen’s training structure and quality training are a significant attractive force

– said the vice-chancellor.

The most popular faculty in supplementary admission this year was the Faculty of Child Education and Special Education, where 256 first-graders were admitted, but the Faculty of Economics (211) and the Faculty of Health Sciences (187) also finished the procedure with outstanding results. The university also achieved serious success in the majors involved in teacher training, this year it admitted four hundred students.

In 2023, eleven faculties offered courses in supplementary admissions for basic, master’s, or undivided courses with scholarships in seven fields of study, teacher training, agriculture, economic sciences, engineering, IT, medicine and health sciences, and natural sciences. the applications.

During this year’s admission process, the University of Debrecen accepted more applicants than ever before, the number of successful applicants in the general admission procedure exceeded eight thousand. After the supplementary admission procedure, together with applicants from across the border and those admitted to English-language courses, more than eleven thousand first-year students are expected to begin their studies at the University of Debrecen in September.

Those admitted to the supplementary admission procedure will receive the admission decision and information about enrollment from the higher education institution in the first days of September.


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