An infertility center was handed over at the University of Debrecen


An infertility center was handed over on Tuesday at the University of Debrecen (DE); the facility, equipped with modern instruments, was created in a renovated villa with an investment of one hundred million forints.

Katalin Szöllősi, head of the department of the National Hospital General Directorate (OKF), said that the proportion of women and men struggling with infertility is increasing worldwide, and in Hungary, every sixth woman and man is affected. Therefore, the treatment of infertility is a key issue from the point of view of health and population policy, so that all desired children are born, he added.

The specialist called it an important goal to create a uniformly high-quality care system that is accessible to all couples struggling with infertility throughout Hungary.

An infertility center is a place where “hope and professional support meet”, noted Katalin Szöllősi.

György Balla, a member of the board of trustees of the Gróf Tisza István Foundation for the University of Debrecen, and professor of neonatology, said that the infertility center is important for families on the one hand, because one or two out of every ten families need to be helped to have a child, and on the other hand, it is important for the university, which is responsible for these families.

He added that there was a period when parents could only take home one out of ten premature babies weighing less than one kilogram, now nine out of ten children can be sent home healthy.

Those families who ask for help at the infertility center of the UD are not let go: “they will end up with a child,” said the academician.

Zoltán Szabó, the president of the UD clinical center, indicated that the new infertility center plans to examine and provide medical care to at least two thousand couples every year. The organizational unit providing comprehensive gynecological and urological and andrological diagnostics and treatment will result in faster and clearer patient journeys than before, contributing to the birth of the desired child and an increase in the number of births, they hope.

László Papp (Fidesz-KDNP), mayor of Debrecen, said that the university is a serious partner of the city in everything. Having children is extremely important to them: when they decided in 2014 that the city would embark on a new development path, they also expected a significant population increase. In this, they count not only on the settlers but also on the local residents contributing to the growth – explained the city manager.

It was said at the inauguration that couples are examined in one place and at the same time, which is unique nationally, as is the computerized sperm analyzer with which men are examined.


Photos: MTI/Zsolt Czeglédi

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