The Night of Researchers awaits science lovers again this year at the University of Debrecen


All the faculties and campuses of the University of Debrecen once again welcome those interested in science with colorful and varied programs on Friday, September 29, at the Researchers’ Night.

The main mission of the event – which the institution has been participating in since its beginnings in 2005 – is to present the everyday side of science that is understandable, accessible and useful for everyone.

The technical development of the last decades has made it easier to obtain information, however, the actual knowledge and its depth, what science means, is little known by people, regardless of age

– said László Csernoch at the press conference announcing the event on September 25.

The academic vice chancellor of the University of Debrecen emphasized that it is important for the university to make the daily life of the scientific community known as widely as possible, as well as the results achieved at the university, and the Researchers’ Night promotes this endeavor with the help of numerous programs.

It’s like “taking science to the streets”, hoping that with this we can stimulate the imagination of many, including those who might be scientists of the future

– said László Csernoch.

At the Researchers’ Night, all 13 faculties of the university present themselves, the programs are open to those interested in science in Nyíregyháza, Hajdúböszörmény and Szolnok in addition to Cívisváros on various campuses of the University of Debrecen.

By the time I say that we are preparing with 200 programs, the number of events may have already increased, as the list is being expanded with new events every day, as we consider it important to keep the well-known, unchangingly popular programs and always have something new, and the university’s lecturers and researchers take care of this

– said Zsuzsa Mándy, staff member of the UD Academic Directorate.

The main organizer of the University of Debrecen’s programs highlighted that one of the most spectacular elements of this year’s event will be the landing of an ambulance helicopter on the square in front of the Main Building so that those interested can gain an insight into the secrets of emergency patient care.

The press conference was hosted by the Faculty of Economics, which this time is preparing an interactive day for the Night of Researchers with playful people in mind.

We have put together a real experience program, which is also an enrollment event, since the visitor’s point collection booklet will also mean 3 points for the high school students for university admission, provided that they choose the Faculty of Economics as the place for their further education

– explained Krisztina Dajnoki, Deputy Academic Dean of the Faculty of Economics.

The members of the press also got a taste of the Faculty of Economics planned programs: Mihály Soós, associate professor of the Department of Marketing at the Faculty of Economics Institute of Marketing and Commerce, demonstrated the eye camera that can be used to track human gaze, and Gergely Ráthonyi, assistant professor of the Faculty of Economics Institute of Sports Business and Management, demonstrated the use of digital tools in sports. in.

More information about the Night of Researchers programs can be found at, where you can also register for the events.


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