Another Enterprise Received „Sustainable Debrecen” Title

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The eco baby-mummy shop, called Mamamibolt, received the „Sustainable Debrecen” title on 28 June 2021.

The aim of the award – also in accordance with the goals of the Debrecen 2030 urban and economic development programme – is to preserve the natural environment of the city and to develop an environmentally conscious approach. All applicants for the „Sustainable Debrecen” title must undertake not to use disposable plastic products (e.g., straws, cutlery, plates, cups) and to take over measures in at least two further categories to protect the environment. Mamamibolt, which has been operating for 15 years, undertook, among other things, to implement selective waste management, to reuse the boxes and filling material of their incoming packages in their parcel delivery service, and to cooperate with other companies in Debrecen regarding the reuse of packaging boxes.

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