Summer Childcare and Knowledge Space Camp

Local News

This year’s childcare and the Knowledge space camp for children in large families were in the focus of the press conference held by Vice Mayor Diána Széles, Ágnes Farkas, Head of the Child Protection Institution of the City of Debrecen, and by János D. Halász, Manager of DEMKI Debrecen Cultural Centre and Youth House, on 25 June 2021.

Vice Mayor Diána Széles pointed out: as a caring city, Debrecen pays attention to primary school children whose supervision their parents are not able to solve during the summer vacation. This year is special in this respect as well, since many parents do not have enough days off to take care of their children during the summer. Therefore, it is especially important now that the city should provide summer childcare, either through paid camps or other options free of charge. The latter has been organised for years by the Child Protection Institution of the City of Debrecen with the cooperation of the Debrecen Charity Board and its member organisations.

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